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Kojic with Gluta Lightening Soap Review 2016

Uni:Kojic with Gluta has a properties of which its  best to remove scars,excessive oil on your face and made your skin whiten than before. 

Price: Php 30 $2.50 USD


Lather soap into hands until foam appears and gently massage into face for 15-20 seconds.Rinse thoroughly.For body,lather soap directly onto wet skin.


Kojic Acid,Reduced L-Glutathione,Sodium Palmitate,Palm Kernilate,Vitamin C,Moisturizer 

 Manufactured by: 

Uni Elements Enterprises 

McArthur Hi-way,Malanday,Valenzuela City

Made in the Philippines

My Review: 

I'm a fan of Kojic Soap, I started using Kojic Soap when I was in Junior High School. When I was used that soap for the first time I feeling tingling sensation to my face and I feel also dryness so I need to have moisturizer.Although I experience break-outs,I still continue to apply it.I would say this so never compromise your effort and it totally helps to whiten your face and body.I bought that soap and now I can see results assuredly it helps your skin.I would say I highly thumbs up for this product.

Where to buy?

You can buy Uni:Kojic Soap with Gluta in your nearest market near you cost around PHP 30. If your abroad and wish to try this soap you contact me Order Here price of the soap will be $ 2 USD if your in USA.Payment will be accepted possibly through Western Union.

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