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Terms of Use


These are the Cyrus Arnaiz’s terms of use. They tell you:
  • The rules for using our services
  • What you can do with our content (share it, link to it, that sort of thing)
  • What we can do with things you post or upload.
Your rights and responsibilities, basically – important stuff.
We’ve kept them as short as possible, and we’ve made videos for the complicated bits. So do read them, and check in for updates as the latest version always applies (we’ll usually only make updates when we release a new service, change how we provide a service, or have to comply with a new legal requirement).

2.When these terms apply

Read these terms before using our services. Whenever you use our services you agree to these terms.
You’re also agreeing to stick to our:
  • Privacy and cookies policy
  • House rules for comments and creations.
Read those too.
If you don’t stick to all these terms then we can suspend or terminate your use of services and your account.
But first…

3.When other terms apply

a. When you use services provided by Cyrus Arnaiz Blog or someone else
When you use someone else's services or products, like a virtual reality headset, they will have terms for using them.
Some services
b. When you use services where we tell you they apply
Like when you enter a competition. If there are extra terms, we’ll always let you know.

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