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How to attract the money you need?

Many years ago I met a young boy in Australia who wanted to become a physician and
surgeon, but he had no money. I explained to him how a seed deposited in the soil attracts
to itself everything necessary for its unfolding, and that all he had to do was to take a
lesson from the seed and deposit the required idea in his subconscious mind. For
expenses this young, brilliant boy used to clean out doctors’ offices, wash windows, and
do odd repair jobs. He told me that every night, as he went to sleep, he used to picture in
his mind’s eye a medical diploma on a wall with his name on it in big, bold letters. He
used to clean and shine the framed diplomas in the medical building where he worked. It
was not hard for him to engrave the image of a diploma in his mind and develop it there.
Definite results followed as he persisted with his mental picture every night for about
four months. The sequel of this story was very interesting. One of the doctors took a
great liking to this young boy and after training him in the art of sterilizing instruments,
giving hypodermic injections, and other miscellaneous first aid work, he employed him
as a technical assistant in his office. The doctor later sent him to medical school at his
own expense. Today, this young man is a prominent medical doctor in Montreal, Canada.
He discovered the law of attraction by using his subconscious mind the right way. He
operated an age-old law, which says, “Having seen the end, you have willed the means to
the realization of the end.” The end in this case was to become a medical doctor.
This young man was able to imagine, see, and feel the reality of being a doctor. He lived
with that idea, sustained it, nourished it, and loved it until through his imagination it
penetrated the layers of his subconscious mind and became a conviction, thereby ttracting
to him everything necessary for the fulfillment of his dream.

Why some men do not get a raise in pay?

If you are working in a large organization and you are silently thinking of and resenting
the fact you are underpaid, that you are not appreciated, and that you deserve more
money and greater recognition, you are subconsciously severing your ties with that
organization. You are setting a law in motion, and the superintendent or manager will say
to you, “We have to let you go.” Actually, you dismissed yourself. The manager was
simply the instrument through which your own negative mental state was confirmed. It
was an example of the law of action and reaction. The action was your thought, and the
reaction was the response of your subconscious mind.

Obstacles and impediments on the pathway to riches

I am sure you have heard men say, “That fellow has a racket.” “He is a racketeer.” “He is
getting money dishonestly.” “He is a faker.” “I knew him when he had nothing.” “He is a
crook, a thief, and a swindler.” If you analyze the man who talks like that, you discover
he is usually in want or suffering from some financial or physical illness. Perhaps his
former college friends went up the ladder of success and excelled him. Now he is bitter and envious of their progress. In many instances this is the cause of his
downfall. Thinking negatively of these classmates and condemning their wealth causes
the wealth and prosperity he is praying for to vanish and flee away. He is condemning the
thing he is praying for.
He is praying two ways. On the one hand he is saying, “Wealth is flowing to me now,”
and in the next breath, silently or audibly, he is saying, “I resent that fellow’s wealth.”
Always make it a special point to rejoice in the wealth of the other person.

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