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How to Think Positive and to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Every day in every way I am getting
better and better
Mind over matter is moot.
Affirmations are all washed
up. While the promise of positive
thinking has been around for a long time,
it just doesn’t deliver.
But it sure is an integral part of
popular culture these days. “Think
positive.” “Act as if.” “You can do it.”
Discussions of positive thinking can be
traced all the way back to the early
1800s when there was a flurry of
writings about the power of the mind and
of keeping an affirmative attitude. In his
essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson promoted
the importance of self-reliance and
reasoned that our perception of reality
can alter our reality. Ernest Holmes,
founder of the Science of Mind
movement, wrote several books about
the power of the mind and stated very
plainly: “thoughts are things.” By 1898,
Success Magazine was launched by
Orison Swett Marden and became one of
the most popular and influential
magazines in American history.
Philosophers threw their hat in the ring
along with the others. The great William
James said: “The greatest discovery of
my generation is that man can alter his
life simply by altering his attitude of
mind.” Not long after that, a pharmacist
by the name of Émile Coué, studied
hypnotism and autosuggestion in his
spare time and told his patients to repeat
a certain affirmation several times a day:
Every day in every way I am getting
better and better. This simple sentence
is considered to be one of the first
positive-thinking mantras or
Perhaps the best-known author of
positive-thinking wisdom is Napoleon
Hill, whose book Think and Grow Rich,
first published in 1937, has become one
of the most successful books of all time.
Hill lays down several effective tools to
help you succeed in life, based on
positive-thinking principles. His formula
includes discussions about clarity of
vision, working with others, how to
handle defeat, healthy habits, and of
course, keeping a positive mental
attitude. He describes the benefit of
working with others to generate the
vision and energy towards that goal, and
discusses other attitudes and actions that
can propel the process. Of all of these
directives, the one that has seen the
greatest result, according to professional
motivational speakers who work with
them frequently, is to ‘know very clearly
where you want to go.’.These assertions of the power of the
mind are inspiring, uplifting and very
often helpful, but they fall short of really
performing the miracles so many of us
seek! After all, if having what you want
in life is as simple as thinking positively,
then a lot more people would have what
the want in life.

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